Creationists are stacking Google search

godFearing that they are losing the battle for young minds, Creationists are rushing to break Google to give the impression that a large number of people really believe that their invisible friend created the world in seven days.

Using the latest SEO techniques teams of US creationists are knocking important science sites off Google’s front page and replacing them with sites which insist on a very literal and narrow interpretation of the bible version of the creation.

Writing in his bog Greg Layden noted that if a kid typed in “what happened to the dinosaurs?” instead of being directed to a factual site, Google showed them to a creationist site.

He is calling for cases where that nonsense happens to be reported to Google post haste because Google is looking at changing its search algorithm to favour more reliable sites.

The Google algorithm is a bit of a bone of contention because it is so easily exploited. Having seen traffic to a news site disappear overnight after a Google algorithm change and receiving the suggestion that it could be improved by writing news stories like advertisements is always a bit of a problem.

However the suggestion that the algorithm can be manipulated to brainwash children for religious purposes is a little more alarming.