Corporations lag on social networking

Old Coca-Cola ad - Wikimedia CommonsSome of the biggest corporations in the known universe are behind the times when it comes to social networking.

That’s the conclusion of a study from Penn State university, which has analysed the Fortune 500 and found some big names lacking.

Marcia DiStasio, a professor at the university, said: “Several firms on Fortune magazine’s list of America’s most admired companies are failing to achieve basic social media standards, let alone best practices.”

She said not all the companies had a Twitter account, a Facebook page or a YouTube page.

Fifty one percent of the companies had basic, Wikipedia fed pages including ExxonMobil and Berkshire Hathaway.

But firms like Coca Cola did the best at presenting their image on the social networking sites, she said.

“All of the industries have room for improvement, but there’s specifically some more room for improvement in the health care industry,” she said. “Social media really helps create brand supporters and connect with people in more ways.”