Confusion reigns over Windows 10 licensing

windows-10-start-menu-customised-live-tilesWhile Microsoft has now confirmed that PC versions of Windows 10 will ship at the end of July, and versions for other machines later, there is considerable confusion in the market about how the firm will price up its offerings.

Windows 10 is being offered free to users of Windows 7 and the benighted Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 – but reports suggest that the picture is far from clear on how Microsoft will tackle the OEM end of the market.

According to a report in Taiwanese wire Digitimes, Microsoft has muddied the waters by offering discounts in a failed bit to compete with Google Chromebooks.

The report suggests that Microsoft is now offering discounts depending on the specifications of the hardware with the cheapest charge being $15.

And that’s discouraging some vendors of high end machines.

Nevertheless, it’s believed that Microsoft will encourage vendors like Acer and Lenovo to supply Windows 10 notebooks costing no more than $250.

These are supposed to compete with Chromebooks but it could be the move is too little, too late.