Companies remain clueless about IT

Simpsons_Internet_Computers_Black_ShirtHBR research
has revealed the majority of business leaders do not feel confident their companies know enough about IT.

According to a survey of 436 global business leaders, less than a quarter were confident their organisations have the smarts to succeed in the digital aspects of their business.

Less than half – 45 percent – of all respondents felt they personally had the technology knowledge they need to succeed in their jobs.

Organisations that do have the skills were “Digital Leaders,” yet less than a fifth of respondents (19 percent) fell into that category.

Digital Leaders, the report says, were organizations that have both a compelling digital vision as well as the people, processes and technology needed to execute against that vision.

For this small group of Digital Leaders, the research reveals an environment of ongoing digital education and shared ownership and accountability for digital technology initiatives among business leaders, producing not only monetary results, but also a greater confidence throughout the organization in their ability to compete and succeed in an increasingly digital future.

More than 46 percent of all survey respondents indicated that they are looking to their CIO to learn about digital technology trends, presumably so they didn’t have to worry about it.

But nearly a third of CIOS said they were “too busy”.

But overcoming those challenges is critical, and within the report, survey respondents in the Digital Leader category indicate the specific ways their CIOs are assuming the role of “digital coach or master” to better prepare their organizations for future success