Commercial tablets are the way to go

Dell TabletAlthough people generally are not buying tablets because they last so much longer than Windows based PCs, it’s not all gloom and doom if you make the gizmos.

IDC said today that tablet sales in the first quarter of this year in Western Europe fell by 10.5 percent, compared to the same quarter last year. Shipments totalled 8.5 million units.

IDC blames phablets. Phablets is a horrid made up word which means smartphones with bigger screens.

But although the outlook looks bleak, IDC sees light at the end of the commercial tunnel.

Marta Fiorentini, a senior analyst at IDC, said: “Tablet usage for professional purposes is a reality. Deployment is no longer limited to a few early adopting countries or businesses. The UK, France, German and [the] Nordic countries remain at the forefront of this trend.”

She believes, possibly mistakenly, that the introduction of Microsoft Windows 10 will “resolve most of the infrastructure legacy and integration problems that have so far hindered tablet and 2-in-1 adoption is some existing enterprises”.

Those are the right words to say, Ms Fiorentini. Microsoft and Intel will be proud of you.