Cloud hits storage market

Cumulus clouds - Wikimedia CommonsPersonal and entry level storage shipments fell in the first quarter of this year by 6.4 percent – with 17.6 million units shifts.

According to market research company IDC, the size of the market hasn’t changed that much for the last two years, but the decline is due to people using public clouds and because there’s a change in the way people use media.

Jingwen Li, an analyst at IDG, said that while this sector has shown a decline, there are growth opportunities, particularly for personal and entry level NAS units.

Even though the overall market showed a decline, dual interface products grew by 56.7 percent year on year. This sector consists of USB-Thunderbolt and USB-WiFi products.

An IDC chart shows the way things have changed in this market, which is still worth a great deal of money.

Storage market Q1 2015