Cloud adoption is at 84 percent in the UK

Clouds over Florence - Mike Magee pictureAfter years of hype, it appears that UK business has bit the bullet with 84 percent of companies adopting two or more services.

That’s according to the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) which polled 250 IT and business decision makers from public and private sectors in February.

And with the end of support for Microsoft Windows Server 2000, the trade association said adoption of cloud services will grow throughout this year.

The survey said that half of all those who responded are likely to move their entire IT system to the cloud – with 16 percent aiming to do so as quickly as possible.

Those organisations which have already adopted the loud think their adoption will increase over the next 12 months.

Applications top of the list for the cloud are CRM, DR/BU, data storage, email, and collaboration services.

But CIF reckons that cloud will co-exist with on premises IT for quite some time. Only 15 percent of the respondents said that cloud was the primary IT model.