Clinton and Bush are still attacking computers

clinton-bushTwo new cyberattacks collectively known as Logjam that affect tens of thousands of the most popular websites are all down to policy decisions made by Bill Clinton and George Bush.

Both presidents ordered a war on encryption and insisted that code contained back doors to stop it.

However the backdoors have proven to be highly successful attack vectors for hackers wanting super secret stuff.

The latest attack, called Logjam attack allows an attacker to downgrade vulnerable connections to relatively weak 512-bit encryption that can be easily eavesdropped on or modified by a third party.

This was because Bush and Clinton insisted on laws that limited the strength of exported encryption to 512 bits. They wanted these laws so that US spooks could easily eavesdrop on foreign targets. The restrictions were eventually lifted but there is still shedloads of code out there with the weaker encryption.

The second facet of the Logjam attack shows that higher-grade cryptography of up to 1024-bits are vulnerable and likely current under attack by state-sponsored hackers, like those at the National Security Agency.

Before Edward Snowden leaked the information there were many computer experts who were happy to dismiss the idea that the NSA was doing anything like this and many were not interested in upgrades because they thought the threat wasn’t realistic.”

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Apple Safari are all deploying fixes for the Logjam attack, according to the researchers. Internet Explorer has already been upgraded.