Cisco man angles for shift to security

the Cisco kidDavid Gieckeler, senior VP Cisco security gave his views at the Canalys Channels Forums at Barcelona about threats people and businesses will face in the future. And he focused on the Angler attack which targets hosting providers rather than end users.

Gieckeler was responding to the announcement made by Cisco yesterday, which claimed it had stopped a cyber crime catastrophe.

But Gieckeler warned that the next wave of the internet of things with 50 billion devices provides big opportunities for people and enterprises, but he also pointed out the hacking threat it poses.

Cisco views billions of queries and monitors 100 malware and other attacks a second, he said. Cisco is blocking billions of threats a day. He said that security is the number one concern of enterprises across the world and it’s risen to a board level matter because threats increase because hacking is very lucrative. The global hacker economy is three to five times the size of the security industry, he claimed.

He said that security is now the “number one priority” at Cisco and hacking will grow even more over the coming years. At some point a hacker is going to get in, so enterprises should think of the act before it happens.

He claimed it takes companies an average of 100 to 200 days for the techies to hunt down a threat.

It’s being speculated that Cisco, like HP, will spin off into two separate firms – one based on security and the other on networking.

He made no comment on that, but suggested that as the threats became greater, the vendors multiplied and people and companies were unsure how to defend themselves against the threat.

Obviously, he believes that Cisco has the answer.

But he would say that, wouldn’t he?

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