Churches install face-tracking software

godChurches are installing face tracking software to sort out the sheep from the goats.

More than 24 churches installed a facial-recognition system to monitors which members of the flock have actually shown up for the Sunday sermon. The system is called Churchix and was ironically developed by Israeli software company, Face-six.

It continually scans the CCTV feed and matches congregation members to a pre-existing database of their faces — reportedly with 99 percent accuracy. Basically it means that if the priest meets someone in the street and tells you “I didn’t see you in church on Sunday”, it is because he has an app to tell him that.

Face-Six CEO Moshe Greenshpan told Churchmag said that church events are the church way to interact with its members, and naturally the attendance to those events is very important.

“Event attendance stats help the church to measure the success of each event, see what event types are more popular than others and also track the attendance of specific members.”

That way, church officials can monitor everything from the gender ratios of attendees at specific events to ensure that elderly or infirmed church-members haven’t suddenly stopped coming around.

Needless to say there are a few people who have a problem with this. Emma Carr, director of Big Brother Watch, told the Mirror, “This is a clear example of completely over-the-top use of technology. Churches have managed to note who is in their congregation for hundreds of years without resorting to highly intrusive means.”

True but then they also relied on God rather than technology and he does tend to move in mysterious ways.