Chrome switches off Flash by default tomorrow

flash-gordonAnyone who is using Flash on their website might want to replace it pretty smartish – Google is stopping Chrome from running it.

After September 1 Google will pause “many” Flash ads in its web browser Chrome. It will allow you to run Flash videos, but the adverts are the most important thing for most sites.

If site visitors want to look at a piece of Flash content that was paused, you can click on it and start it manually. But face it, who is going to click on an advert?

The change, originally announced in June and enabled for beta users, goes into effect for everyone September 1, Google announced.

The feature already exists in Chrome; you can turn it on in the browser’s “Advanced settings,” under “Content settings,” by choosing the “Detect and run important plugin content” option.

The change going into effect September 1 will be that this feature will be turned on by default.

The new option speeds up page loading and reduce Chrome’s memory consumption, which is a growing problem for Google’s web browser.

All this is shaping up to remove Flash from the planet.