China set to take lead in flat panels

LG Display's AIT panelA report said that Chinese manufacturers will dominate the manufacture of flat panel display by 2018.

IHS Technology said that Chinese capacity for flat panels has and is growing at 40 percent a year up to 2018.

The situation is quite different for other manufacturers in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, which currently dominate the market. IHS estimates that growth between 2010 and 2018 is less than two percent a year.

By 2018, Chinese manufacturers will account for 35 percent of the global market, from its 2010 position of two percent.

The flat panel LCD market is rapidly becoming commoditised and it is expensive to keep ahead on new technology.

Charles Annis, a senior director at IHS, said: “Despite growing concerns of oversupply for the next several years in most parts of the display indistry, there is still little evidence that Chinese makers are scaling back their ambitious expansion plans. On the contrary, there continues to be a steady stream of announcements of new factory plans by various regional governments and panel makers.

This chart shows the leaders in 2010 and IHS projections for 2018.

flat panel 2010 to 2018