China goes for robots

Robby the Robot - Wikimedia CommonsManufacturing costs in mainland China are rising so fast that they’re almost as much as the US and higher than South East Asia, India, and Eastern Europe.

And that’s causing the Chinese government to sponsor robot development in a 10 year plan called Made in China 2025.

According to Taiwanese research company Trendforce, rising labour costs mean that it’s not only China but Germany, Japan and the USA that are putting money into the development of “smart” robots.

Germany is encouraging the development of factories making robots in a state of the art fabrication plant using the internet of things, artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

There are already a number of “smart” robots which, are, however not yet quite smart enough. Softbank launched its Pepper robot last week and it sold out on the first day. And, said Trendforce, Japan is pushing the adoption of nursing care robots because of a shortage of humans wanting to do the jobs.

Trendforce believes that “rapid advances” in artificial intelligence and cloud computing will speed the development of more clever robots in the future.