CEOs can be replaced by a machine

Robby the Robot - Wikimedia CommonsGlobal management consultants McKinsey have warned CEO’s that most of their job could be done by a robot.

Apparently CEO’s do a lot of redundant stuff which would be better left to robots.

The report said that these redundant tasks include “analyzing reports and data to inform operational decisions; preparing staff assignments; and reviewing status reports,” the report says.

For a while now automation has been the bugbear of lower-wage occupations but it seems that executives who believe they have a job for life are also dreaming.

The report said that 45 per cent of work activities could be automated using already demonstrated technology.

In fact the only areas which are safe are jobs related to creativity and sensing emotions. But by automating the routine elements of the jobs, time could be freed up to allow workers to spend more time on tasks that require creativity and “emotion, the report said.

For example, Interior design is one example of a job that could benefit from this balance of automation and human interpretation. By automating the taking of measurements, designers can spend more time applying their personal creativity to the designs..

But CEO’s should let Big Data analyze the reports so the boss has more time to think conceptually or help himself to the drink’s cabinet.

One of the sticking points of automation is that machines cannot reach the same “level of human performance” in the case of comprehending normal, spoken language.

If this issue could be fixed then 13 per cent of US work activities could be automated.

However, “it’s no longer the case that only routine, codifiable activities are candidates for automation, and that activities requiring tacit knowledge or experience that is difficult to translate into task specifications are immune to automation,” the report says.