Car makers build charging station network

Old carsIn a sign that carmakers are gearing up for the electric car revolution, BMW , Daimler , Ford, and Volkswagen have entered into a partnership to create a network of high-speed charging stations for electric vehicles across Europe.

The new chargers will be capable of giving up to 350 kW of power which is three times more than Tesla’s Supercharging stations and according to a statement from the Big Motor the result will be “the highest-powered charging network in Europe”.

Construction of the network¬† will begin in 2017 with “about 400 sites” being targeted, and that the network will have “thousands of high-powered charging points” available by 2020.

The four major conglomerates will be “equal partners” in the joint venture, but according to the statement they are encouraging other manufacturers to “participate in the network”.

The move is designed to head off a standards war happening with fast charging networks. The charging network announced today will use the Combined Charging System (CCS) technology, which is what that most major automakers already use for their EVs.

Nissan, Toyota, and Honda are not big fans of CCS, because many of their EVs and plug-in hybrids use a competing standard known as CHAdeMO.