Breitbart purged from advertising network

KKK-1000x600One of the largest online advertising networks has purged Breitbart News due to hate speech.

AppNexus deactivated Breitbart News after an audit of the site’s content determined that it violates the advertising network’s code of conduct banning hate speech.

For those who came in late Breitbart was a keen supporter of Donald “Prince of Orange” Trump and its former owner Steve Bannon was Trump’s campaign chairman and chief strategist.

Breitbart Chief Executive Officer Larry Solov said the company “always and continues to condemn racism and bigotry in any form”, in an email statement. But the outfit has drawn criticism for promoting far right, sometimes racist views.

The ban comes as the alt-right movement, which includes neo-Nazis, white supremacists and anti-Semites, are being emboldened by Trump winning the White House.

Advertising companies like AppNexus sell digital ad campaigns to advertisers and then place the ads on sites that are part of the network. The company has secured deals with publishers including Foursquare, Groupon Inc and Nasdaq Inc.

AppNexus said its move was apolitical and the domain can be reactivated once the content in question is addressed.

“We have no interest in turning off sites because of ideology. That’s not what this is about. This is about specific content that violates the hate speech code,” he said.

Breitbart has used racial slurs and derogatory terms related to sexual orientation on its site that AppNexus feared could incite violence against those groups.

The move could reduce demand for Breitbart adverts and thus cost the site money, however AppNexus has competitors who offer comparable services so the KKK’s favourite go-to site might just goose-step elsewhere.