Boffin creates paintable LEDs

Twilight of the Gods, Arthur Packham - Wikimedia CommonsA scientist at Florida State University claims to have developed a new low cost light emitting diode (LED) that is easier to manufacture and also highly efficient.

Assistant professor Zhibin Yu claimed his invention could revolutionise lighting technology. “In general the cost of LED lighting has been a big concern thus far. Energy savings have not balanced out high costs.”

Yu said that the tech uses both organic and inorganic materials and can be applied like paint using simpler manufacturing techniques.

LEDs generally need four or five layers of material to create the desired effect but Yu claims his method only needs one layer.

The US National Science Foundation is providing further funding to develop stretchable active matrix organic LED displays.

LEDs generally use between 75 and 80 percent less juice than incandescent lights and last longer.

While adoption of LED lighting is increasing, costs are still high compared to regular lighting.