BMW wants to build cars for tech companies.

Old carsThe German car maker BMW said it is all up to make self driving cars for technology companies if they want to have a crack at it.

The automaker’s production chief said there are currently no such talks between tech companies and BMW but they have his number if they want to call.

Oliver Zipse said in response to a question put to him during a panel discussion about whether BMW could imagine building a car for a software or computer company such as Apple.

“We live in a world of partnerships. We hold regular talks with companies from the telecommunications and IT industry, including Apple, about vehicle connectivity topics, BMW Connected Drive,”

Zipse added that so far car development and production was not the subject of these talks.

The story actually appears to have been manufactured by Reuters acting as Apple’s unpaid press office.  Its hacks only asked Zipse about Apple’s plans.

Jobs’ Mob is a long way behind Google when it comes to making self-driving cars, that of course did not stop Reuters talking to BMW as if Apple was the only one who was doing it.