Blackberry buys a company

BlackberryBlackberry has bought a privately held company that provides networked secure communications.

AdHoc, although privately owned, has a number of contracts with some powerful organisations including the US Department of Defence and Homeland Security.

Its software spans platforms including iOS, Android, PCs, Macs, radios, IP phones and other organisations and delivers fast secure communications particularly at times of crisis.

Blackberry said it had bought the company to integrate it with its own enterprise portfolio.

CEO John Chen said Blackberry is buying into security, privacy and the internet of things. “Acquiring AdHoc will enable to provide a holistic end to end approach to communications.”

He believes that because of its existing worldwide enterprise base, it will be able to offer such services to new and existing markets.

He said that Blackberry provides product to all G7 governments, and 10 of the largest global banks and law firms.