Big Content orders old version of Ubuntu to be censored

she-wronged-him-right-c2a9-paramountWhile Google is normally pretty good at stopping daft take-down requests from the movie studios, it seems to have missed a doozy.

Paramount Pictures ordered a takedown of a link to a 32-bit alternate install image Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS because it apparently infringed on Paramount movie ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction‘.

The link pointed to a stock and dated old Ubuntu release which has nothing to do with the god awful flick.

For some reason Google has complied with the request and scrubbed the link to the page in question from its search index.

Fortunately, only a single URL was affected by this notice, and it is a URL pointing to an old version of Ubuntu that few people are likely to search for.

Big Content floods Google with millions of take down requests.  The fact it has failed to stop any piracy and ends up taking down legit content is probably a sign that whatever method it is using is not working.