Bend that screen!

Cathode Ray TubeA report  by Technavio said that flexible displays are set to become more widespread over the next five years.

Flexible screens can be rolled up, folded or bent and still stay intact, and the research company estimates the global flexible display market will grow at a CAGR of 107.2 percent between now and 2019.

Companies at the leading edge of the market include E-Ink Holdings, Samsung Display and LG Display while other vendors include AU Optronics, BOE and Visionox.

The market intelligence company believes that flexible displays will appear in TVs, monitors, in publications, in medical equipment and even in fabrics.

But right now it’s the smartphone and tablet market that is being developed, with companies including Samsung and Apple working towards making devices that are practically unbreakable.

Flexible displays will also be more durable than current displays on devices.