Beijing turns to tech to resolve the battle of the bog rolls

Beijing fears that locals are stealing bog-rolls from the cities loos and are turning to facial recognition to resolve the issue.

Toilet-paper theft has become a serious issue in the city, and police clearly have nothing to go on.

But the Chinese method involves grabbing a scan of your face via a built-in camera. Once it’s satisfied you’re not the same person who requested paper a moment earlier, it’ll dispense a strip of paper two feet long (about 60 cm).

If more is needed you will have to wait nine minutes before you can use the machine again.

Of course the work around for more determined thieves includes using masks or clever disguises, but one has to wonder if it is worth the effort.

The marketing director of the company that created the machine told the Times that his engineers had “brainstormed many options” for the design, including “fingerprints, infrared and facial recognition.” He said they settled with facial recognition because “it’s the most hygienic way.’’

The Temple of Heaven Park operator suggested the perpetrators are locals rather than tourists, with some slipping into the restroom on their way home from an early-morning tai chi session.