BBC remembers pages that Google has forgotten

BBC-blogThe BBC has started saving pages which have been deleted from Google under the EU’s right to be forgotten law.

The pages are from BBC news and the Beeb does not know who asked Google to take them down or why.

Since a European Court of Justice ruling last year, individuals have the right to request that search engines remove certain web pages from their search results.

Those pages usually contain personal information about individuals.

According to the BBC, it is making it clear to licence fee payers which pages have been removed from Google’s search results by publishing this list of links. Each month, it will republish the list with new removals added at the top.

“We are doing this primarily as a contribution to public policy. We think it is important that those with an interest in the “right to be forgotten” can ascertain which articles have been affected by the ruling. We hope it will contribute to the debate about this issue. We also think the integrity of the BBC’s online archive is important and, although the pages concerned remain published on BBC Online, removal from Google searches makes parts of that archive harder to find,” a spokesBeeb said.

As you would expect, the vast majority of the google blocks are on elderly court cases. In other cases  we could see why a journalist would want this blocked, but we are not really sure of why Google did it, particularly as literally “just writing boll*cks” should not be enough to get blocked even if the boll*cks concerned were your own.