Battle starts for stylus dominance

Intel's Gordon Moore and Robert NoyceYou might think that using a stylus with a tablet was something which went out with the ark, when companies like Fujitsu and Micosoft pioneered their use in the 1990s.

But if a report from Taiwanese wire Digitimes is true, the so-called stylus wars are set to start all over again.

Digitimes said that sources think Apple’s 12.9-inch iPad Pro will come with a stylus designed for the machine.

Meanwhile, Microsoft bought an Israeli company N-trig recently. N-trig specialises in both touchscreen and stylus tech and are already implemented in the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet.

But Intel is not going to take a back set if any kind of war is going on. Digitimes reports that the chip giant has launched a so-called Universal Style Initiative and is gathering up manufacturers to work on a standard stylus that will be used on a number of machines.

However, although Intel would just love to set the agenda on reference designs and the like for its IT egosystem, the success of Apple’s iPad and iPhone has proved that where the market goes, Intel will follow rather than lead.