Ballmer loves Linux and yoga now

src.adapt.960.high.Ballmer_082313.1405470366073The shy and retired former head of Microsoft Steve “there is a kind of hush” Ballmer says he loves Linux now and has become very calm since has taken up yoga.

For those who came in very late Steve upset a lot of people 15 years ago by quietly suggesting that Linux was a cancer.

Speaking on Wednesday night at a dinner hosted by Fortune magazine, Ballmer said he was right at the time, but the threat from Linux was now “in the rearview mirror”.

Microsoft made boatloads of cash from fighting that battle very well, he claimed. “It’s been incredibly important to the company’s revenue stream” to maintain its position with its own Windows operating system.

Vole has softened its anti-Linux position and even sells a Linux-compatible version of its SQL Server database software. Ballmer said he “loved” seeing the announcement, which prompted him to email current Chief Executive Satya Nadella in support.

One reason that Ballmer might have become a little more consolatory is that he has apparently Ballmer has taken up yoga, since leaving Microsoft.

“You get a lot of time to work out, meditate, take it easy. It’s a wonderful thing to do.”

One thing that Steve did mention is that he appears to be no longer close to his predecessor, Bill Gates. He said that the two “have gone our own paths”.