Baidu and Nvidia steal your voice

lost voiceChinese internet giant Baidu and its chum Nvidia claim to have developed an artificial intelligence system which it claims, can successfully imitate your voice after hearing you speak for only thirty minutes.

At Baidu World, the company’s annual tech expo, CEO Robin Li launched the AI project entitled ‘Baidu Brain’, a tripartite initiative which it has undertaken in partnership with Nvidia. Baidu Brain is concerned with AI algorithms, computing power, and big data.

Li said that the system had extensive speech synthesis capabilities and could imitate you completely:

“Anyone just records 50 sentences as required in 30 minutes, and our speech synthesis technology could simulate the person’s voice. We could let everyone have their own voice model.”

We have heard this before. AT&T Labs once promised to bring dead celebrities back to life with a “custom voice” product called Natural Voices. The technology was acquired by speech synthesis specialists Nuance who abandoned it.

However it could have more spooky uses. You could, for example, mimic a general giving orders on the phone by building a database of his public speeches.

So far Baidu has not said what it can do in terms of voice cloning but it might be that in a few years you may been to share some passwords so that you know who you are talking to on the phone.