Bacteria to control robots

Robby the Robot - Wikimedia CommonsA team of scientists at Virginia Tech claims that it’s put together a mathematical model that suggests bacteria can be used to control robots.

Waren Ruder, an assistant professor at Virginia Tech, said that the team wanted to find if it create a living microbiome on a non living host and control the host through the microbiome.

And he concluded that robots could have a working brain based on bacteria.

Ruder is building robots that will be able to read bacterial gene expression levels in E.coli using tiny fluorescent microscopes.

He said that there is increasing research that bacteria in the human body not only regulate health and mood, but also affect behaviour.

He believes that biosynthetic experiments can be done in the future for very little money, meaning more researchers can join the game.

The Virginia Tech student engineers’ council has provided cash to move these models and robots into classrooms as teaching tools.

“In the future, rudimentary robots and E.coli that are already commonly used separately in classrooms could be linked with this model to teach students from elementary school through Ph.D evel about bacterial relationships with other organisms,” he said.