Babies and toddlers take to tablets

Babies and toddlers using tablets - University of IowaA paper from researchers at the University of Iowa (UI) has revealed that by the age of two, ninety percent of toddlers are able to use a tablet.

And, perhaps more impressively, or depressingly according to your view, over 50 percent of infants aged between 12 to 17 months had a “moderate ability” to use tablets.

The researchers said the purpose of their research was to see how the babies were using tablets by analysing YouTube videos.

Infants and toddlers are using iPads and devices and it’s happened very fast, said Juan Pablo Hourcade, an associate professor at UI.

He said when children are over a year old, they switch from using both hands and all their fingers to manipulate tablets, like grown ups do.

He believes there could be opportunities for people to develop apps to help interactive education for toddlers and infants.

The researchers did not speculate on the effect using tablets at these tender ages might have on minds of the future candidates for adulthood.