Autodesk buys into 3D printing market

printing pressCAD software giant Autodesk said it has signed an agreement to buy netfabb.

The German company develops software for industrial design and manufacturing.

Autodesk did not say how much it has paid for netfabb, but said it has also made an investment in FIT Technology Group, the parent company of netfabb.

Autodesk will use foreign capital to buy netfabb and the deal will close in the firm’s fourth quarter.

Samir Hanna, an AUtodesk VP, said: “We look forward to welcoming the netfabb team to AUtodesk and helping designers and manufacturers worldwide take 3D printing beyond prototyping and plastics, to reliably creating production grade parts at scale.”

He said that over 80,000 designers, manufacturers, artists and others use nefabb as part of their 3D printing plans.

Autodesk will continue to support the user base but also integrate the netfabb tech into future Autodesk products such as the Spark 3D printing platform and Autodesk Fusion 360.