Authorities probe Twitter accounts

TwitterSocial networking site Twitter released its six monthly report into requests made by authorities worldwide for personal information.

And while the USA is well up there with 2,436 requests, authorities in the UK asked for information about 299 accounts. Of those requests, Twitter doled out 52 percent of the information. But in America it provided 80 percent of the information requested by the government.

The UK requests vastly outnumber some of our bigger partners in Europe. FOr example, German authorities only made 28 requests and France 139 requests. The Netherlands made 18 requests.

Twitter said that in the latest reporting period it has received requests from four new countries to the list: Cyprus, Dominican Republic and Serbia. Altogether, 62 countries have knocked on Twitter’s door.

Twitter also published information about removal requests with Turkey making 718 and Russia 68.

It withdrew a total of 2,354 tweets during the reporting period.