Ashley Madison was a sad failure anyway

Ashley Madison screen shotThe so-called affair site Ashley Madison, which was exposed by hackers, was unlikely to do what it claimed – make it easy for people to have affairs.

This is because the database was mostly populated by men so, unless we are talking about gay affairs, few straight men would have found a woman to have an affair with in the first place.

What is tragic about the whole Ashley Madison thing was that millions of men risk having their names exposed as using a website to have an affair when none of them had one. The overwhelming majority of men using Ashley Madison weren’t having affairs. They were paying for a fantasy or a sad hope.

Gizmodo did some number crunching and worked out that out of the millions of men on the site there were about 12,000 real women. There were 5.5 million female profiles out of a database of 37 million, everyone sort of got that.

But it looks like almost no women used the site and a huge chunk of the profiles were real. A few years ago, a former employee of Ashley Madison sued the company in Canada over her terrible work conditions. She claimed that she developed repetitive stress injuries in her hands after the company hired her to create 1,000 fake profiles of women in three months, written in Portuguese, to attract a Brazilian audience. Ashley Madison claimed that the woman never made any fake profiles, but the case was settled out of court.

Gizmodo found that there were about 10 thousand accounts with email addresses which were generated by a bot and nine thousand of these addresses were used for female profiles. In other words,  the majority of fake accounts were marked female.

Another give away were the email accounts. About two-thirds of the men, or 20.2 million of them, had checked the messages in their accounts at least once. But only 1,492 women had ever checked their messages.

All this points to Ashley Madison being a sad place mostly devoid of women where sad men gathered to hope for an affair which never happened. Now thanks to the hackers, they are going to have rows with their wives for thinking about affairs, presumably with neither party wondering why it was a fantasy in the first place.