Apple’s new headphones catch fire

Michael Jackson a little bit on fire

Michael Jackson a little bit on fire

Apple is probably regretting its purchase of Beats headphones – not only was the outfit tied up with a patent dispute apparently one of its pricier products catches fire.

Apple does not do many product recalls, so the one it issued today for a voluntary recall of Beats Pill XL speakers must have really hurt.

Customers who return their flaming headsets will get their money back, presumably given to them by a sobbing Apple genius.

Apparently Apple has determined that, “in rare cases”, the battery in the Beats Pill XL may overheat and pose a fire safety risk. The recall does not affect any other Beats or Apple products.

Given that in the past when Apple has used the phrase “effects a small number of users” it has meant “most of them” it is probably a good idea to get those headphones back before your head does a Michael Jackson.

What is alarming is that the headphones are incredibly expensive. Apple is giving the owners of the headset an electronic payment of $325 which should give you an idea of how much these things cost.

The Beats Pill XL was introduced by Beats by Dre in November 2013. Apple acquired Beats in 2014, so in this case it is not a genus Apple design which caused the fault – just genius Apple management which bought Beats.

Apple purchased Beats Electronics in May for $3 billion, which is the Cupertino-based company’s biggest purchase to date. Apple also had to settle a patent case with Bose over Beats noise-cancelling headphones.