Apple’s cultish behaviour lost its entire networking team in a week

apple-cultFruity tax-dodging cargo-cult Apple lost its entire networking team in a day after it refused to join the Open Compute Project. (OPC)

Apple’s networking team was apparently told by management to make its network 100 percent reliable – a virtual impossibility given the fact that it used Apple hardware.  To reach the target the networking team asked to join the OPC.

The OPC is the open source for hardware which provides designs for free so that anyone can modify them.  The Apple team wanted to solve their networking problem by contributing to the project and receiving help. However, when they asked Apple, the managers had a fit. It would mean breaking Jobs’ first law, which states that everything must be done in secret and if any two people share the secret one of them must be shot.

However, when the Apple team were told “no” by their boss they suddenly realised that they were working for a bunch of idiots who were setting impossible targets using an out-of-date technology approach and all quit.

Suddenly when it found it had to hire a complete network team, Apple sheepishly joined the OPC project.  Oddly the Tame Apple Press is citing this story as a “cultish” behaviour on the part of OPC rather than idiotic cultish behaviour on the part of Apple.