Apple wrestles with Safari crashing feature

Alex Scheffler's Flip Flap SafariThe software genii at the fruity cargo Apple are in hot water after it turns out the browser they came up with crashes easier than a drunken emu.

The Tame Apple Press has done its best to put a lid on the whole matter, but the problem is a little difficult to hide. The problem is worldwide and means that searching from the address bar in both iOS and OS X is causing the browser to crash.

Even the Verge which spun yesterday’s terrible results for Apple ans “the best ever” has confirmed the problem on one of the many iOS devices and OS X machines it has in the office.

The problems are related to a feature on Safari which tells you what you should be looking at as you start typing.  You can fix the problem by disabling this feature but it does mean that you will not have the benefit of having Apple to tell you what to do. This will mean that countless fanboys will be in the difficult position of having to think, rather than think different.

The Verge claims that not everyone is affected, but actually everyone is. It is just that they might have the search suggestions cached locally or they can reach Apple’s servers thanks to their DNS cache. TApple is not saying anything of course.  But it is just the latest in a number of embarrassing programming errors on some of its products.

A couple of months ago Mac users were forced to reinstall software from the App Store following a security glitch. An expired security certificate used by Apple to verify apps forced a number of Mac users to reinstall certain pieces of software after the company attempted to move from the older SHA-1 standard, to the newer, more secure, SHA-2. Some apps in the App Store did not support the SHA-2 standard, resulting in the forced reinstall.