Apple Watch fails to boost wearable demand

WatchA report said that vendors making wearable devices haven’t experienced the boom they had hoped for.

Trendforce said global devices in 2015 will be about 68.1 million units. Growth will rise 64 percent to 122 million units next year.

Analyst Jason Tsai said that Apple Watch hasn’t significantly lifted demand for smartwatches. “Smart bracelets remain dominant in the wearables market. The industry is betting on wearable virtual reality (VR) technologies to be the main growth driver for next year.”

Smartphone vendors, he said, have only been able to use branding to sell their machines. “The market positioning of smartwatches is still unclear and provides too few reasons for people to buy them.”

The Apple watch has sold more than 10 million sets since it was launched earlier in the year. But Tsai said that sales fell short of expectations.

He described Apple watches as “collectibles for Apple fans”.