Apple urged to spill the beans on diversity

ethnic_emoji_00Fruity cargo cult Apple has been urged to spill the beans about the numbers of women and ethnic minorities it hires.

Apple has refused to tell anyone about the diversity of its work force, presumably to hide its embarrassment over hiring mostly white males.

Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., called on holdouts among the nation’s technology companies to release federal data on the diversity of their work forces.

Lee was in Silicon Valley this week with two other members of the Congressional Black Caucus to turn up the heat on the tech industry to hire more African Americans.

She has asked Apple to release all its data, saying that if it believes in inclusion, it has to release the data so the public knows that is  being transparent and that it is committed to doing the right thing.

Major technology companies such as Facebook and Google release their federal diversity data along with pie charts that illustrate the demographics of their workforces and recently did so for the second straight year. Intel has been releasing its federal diversity data to the public for years.

Apple’s global human resources chief Denise Young Smith promised last month that Apple’s upcoming diversity report would have “more transparency” than last year and would show an increase in hiring of women, African-Americans and Latinos.