Apple to send lawyers after the FBI

stupid-lawyer1The fruity cargo cult Apple is furious with the FBI for hacking its iPhone and is unleashing its mighty briefs on the FBI to force them to explain how they did it.

Apple says it wants to close the loophole the FBI found in its apparently super-secure operating system.  This would mean that everytime the FBI wants to unlock a criminal’s iPhone it will have to go through expensive court cases in a bid to force Apple to help it. We can understand why the FBI would tell Apple to go forth and multiply.

The Justice Department will disclose over the next two weeks whether it will continue with its bid to compel Apple to help access an iPhone in a Brooklyn drug case, according to a court filing on Tuesday.

Prosecutors have not said whether the San Bernardino technique would work for other seized iPhones, including the one at issue in Brooklyn. Apple deep throats have claimed that if the Brooklyn case continues, Apple could pursue legal discovery that would potentially force the FBI to reveal what technique it used on the San Bernardino phone.

It is not that clear why a court would assist Apple to ignore court orders but it does show how silly the whole Apple versus the FBI thing is getting.

Apple clearly angry that it does not know how the FBI’s hacked its phone. After all its super secure system is supposed to be unbreakable, at least in its own eyes.  In fact it has even implied to the Tame Apple Press that it has not managed to hack it at all calling the hack method “alleged.”