Apple still denies e-book conspiracy

Old Apple logo - Wikimedia CommonsYesterday a US appeals court found that Apple had led a conspiracy with publishers to hike up the price of digital books.

Apple had appealed against a decision a district court judge made in 2013, but Apple appealed against that verdict.

The appeals court said that the district court judge was well supported and well reasoned and Apple did create a “horizontal conspiracy” to raise the price of e-books.

The US Justice Department laid charges against Apple and others of raising e-book prices to outwit Amazon’s $9.99 price. The five co-conspirators settled before a trial could start. But Apple held out.

And, according to the New York Times, it’s still denying it did anything wrong. Tim Cook,Apple’s CEO, the newspaper said, described the ruling as bizarre, while an Apple spin claimed his company didn’t conspire to fix prices.

The spin doctor didn’t rule out taking the case further because the matter was about “principles and values”.