Apple software exposes Windows PCs to risk

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cult Apple has the dubious achievement of beating Oracle and Adobe as the creator of software most likely to stuff up your Windows based PC.

A Secunia Research said that Apple’s multimedia program, QuickTime, and its iTunes software were ranked as some of the most “exposed” programs. To be fair it was not Apple’s fault, although the company could do something to warn users that the software was out-of-date.

More than 61 percent of computers detected running QuickTime did not have the latest version. With iTunes, 47 percent of the installations were outdated versions.

Outdated software can potentially pose a security risk since unpatched vulnerabilities could be used by hackers to take over a computer. Over the last year, 18 vulnerabilities have been found in QuickTime.

In September, Apple posted an advisory warning of several problems in QuickTime versions prior to 7.7.8 for Windows 7 and Vista after it had patched the problems about a month prior.

One of the flaws could be exploited by crafting a malicious file, which “may lead to an unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution,” Apple said.

The extent of the problem put Apple above Adobe and Oracle as the provider of the exposed software to the masses.

The top five most exposed programs included Adobe Reader X 10.x, Oracle Java JRE 1.8.x/8.x and Adobe Reader XI 11.x.