Apple rumoured to buy GoPro

1fb07e_a0faf2f7cc414ad589dcd18143f0fa3d.jpg_512Fruity cargo cult Apple is rumoured to be interested in writing a cheque for the mobile selfie and filming outfit GoPro.

The rumour has brought about a 16% spike in the action cam company’s shares, which means that shareholders think that it might make sense.  Nothing from GoPro or Apple has come from either outfit’s PR, but that is not surprising. Apple will have owned GoPro for at least a couple of years before mention of the move made by the Apple Press office.

The rumour comes from market analysts who believe that GoPro is a potential strategic acquisition target for Apple in the coming year, Daniel Ives of FBR Capital Markets and Co. research believes that acquiring GoPro will “make sense” for Apple as the action cam company will “fit like a glove into the Apple product portfolio”.

We are not really sure of the logic here. GoPro is mostly for sports people who want to record their exploits.  Apple fanboys do not really need the technology to film themselves turning on the TV, going to the loo, or occasionally walking around their mum’s basement.

Apple Stores stocked GoPro products, and have updated its offerings to support new products in Cupertino’s ecosystem like the awful Apple Watch.  Simply because “wearables” is something that Jobs’ Mob wants to get in on does not mean it needs GoPro.