Apple, Microsoft and Google sign global warning pledge

baby-polar-bearApple, Microsoft and Google have taken up the White House’s pledge to help combat climate change.

The Obama government has launched its Climate Action Plan to cut pollution, and many have signed the American Business Act on Climate pledge to do their part.

According to the White House, the Climate Action Plan will cut six billion tons of carbon pollution up to 2030. It would be equalled by removing all cars from US roads for more than four years. In addition, Chinese President Xi Jinping has promised that China will curb its emissions by 2030.

The big three tech companies have signed the American Business Act on Climate pledge. They said that it represents their support for a “strong result in the Paris climate negotiations” and a commitment to fight climate change.

It is not clear what will happen if the Republicans get in next year. Many of them refuse to believe in climate change because it would mean the Bible was lying when God promised there would be no more floods to wipe out mankind.

Big business – apart, apparently these tech companies – hates the idea too. It complains that it will force them to spend more money to make their factories carbon safe.

The hope is that with Google, Redmond and Apple behind a scheme, more companies will think it is a good idea.