Apple loses key battle against Samsung

retreatApple has snatched defeat from the jaws of its only real victory in its thermonuclear war against Samsung.

Samsung was ordered to pay $930 million in damages after a court found that the company had violated Apple patents with its smartphone and tablet designs.  This included the famous rounded rectangle design which Apple claimed to have invented.

However the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit overturned part of the original ruling, saying that the jury was wrong to say that Samsung infringed on Apple’s trade dress intellectual property.

This should lead to a fairly hefty reduction in Samsung’s legal costs.

The Tame Apple Press is claiming that Apple “won” this particular battle because Apple’s design and utility patents have been upheld.  But the fact that part of the ruling was found to be incorrect means that the fine will have to be adjusted is bad for Apple.

Both Apple and Samsung have largely lost interest in the case and have long since buried the hatchet and this means that Apple’s hugely expensive legal war was totally pointless. Not only did Apple not change anything by its actions it actually cost it and its shareholders a bomb. Anything less than several billion collected worldwide from Samsung would be a loss.

In short the patent war was ill-conceived and stupid and showed the fallibility  of Steve Jobs’ petulance.