Apple let off the antitrust hook

Apple blossom, Mike MageeThe US Justice Department has decided that Apple has behaved so well after it had its collar felt over driving up e-book prices that it doesn’t need to keep its beady eyes on the corporation any more.

Apple may well have introduced compliance programmes that mean it can never have its collar felt again for this misdemeanour but it has also emerged that it has acted really grumpily over the last two years.

The Justice Department appointed a man called Michael Bromwich to monitor Apple’s activities but it seems he wasn’t the bee’s knees as far as Apple was concerned. The department said Apple “never embraced a cooperative working relationship with the monitor”.

According to Reuters, this didn’t stop Bromwich from saying that it had put in place a “meaningful antitrust compliance programme”.

Apple told a US district judge that its relationship with Bromwich was “rocky” but vowed to comply with the obligations the court system had imposed on it.

Cote had ruled in 2013 that Apple conspired with five book publishers in a bid to kybosh competition from Amazon.

Apple is still appealing the verdict and is thinking about taking the case to the US Supreme Court, otherwise it will have to reach into its corporate coffers and shell out $450 million.