Apple let off the antitrust hook

150276-ebc7898c-84b3-11e3-90a9-2f6f5b597dd3European antitrust watchdogs will not take a bite out of Apple’s rump over the Fruity cargo cult’s music streaming service.

Antitrust authorities in Europe failed to find evidence that Apple deals with record labels and online music streaming services are blocking rivals’ access to its music streaming platform.

The European Commission started an investigation in April and sent out questionnaires to several record labels seeking information about their dealings with Apple.

The investigation did not turn up evidence of any illegal activity, but the European Union will continue to monitor the market.

Oddly the investigators have not heard from Spotify and other music streaming services on the restrictions Apple places on apps offered through the store.  This means that Apple’s alleged victims failed to take advantage of the situation to stick the boot in.

US government antitrust regulators were also looking into claims about whether Apple’s treatment of rival streaming music apps is illegal under antitrust law.