Apple hires Google to do its cloud

apple-dalek-2Fruity cargo cult Apple appears to be admitting that all the cash it wasted on a huge data centre was wasted and it has had to hire Google to build its iCloud.

According to CRN Google has landed Apple as a customer for the Google Cloud Platform.  Of course it was forbidden to talk about it, because it would make its client look like an idiot. Apple wants to reduce its reliance on Amazon Web Services and to that end had invested a fortune into huge data centres which are  about the same size as Google’s.

However it looks like it could not get it to go.  Not only is Apple still using Amazon, it has done this new deal with Google. There is a possibly that it also has a deal with Microsoft for some data.

Google executives mentioned to partners that Apple is spending between $400 million and $600 million on Google Cloud Platform, although this couldn’t be independently confirmed.

Amazon said that it was no big deal, although it was amusing that Google broke its non-disclosure agreements to brag about it to partners. Amazon is still refusing to mention that Apple is a customer.

Apple has spent $3.9 billion to build new data centres in Arizona, Ireland and Denmark, the first of which is set to open later this year.   So the question is why it was buying services from Google if it could get these to go?

It might be that Google made it an offer it could not refuse. Last November Google hired  VMware co-founder and former CEO Diane Greene to lead its cloud business. She is said to be aggressively forming partnerships and swinging deals to bring in large enterprise customers.

Where this leaves Apple’s multibillion dollar investment in data gear is anyone’s guess.  It might be waiting for the day that the company really understands the networking technology behind the cloud. Given Apple is still a second class service when it comes to ordinary networking that might be a long time away.