Apple goes open source to save cash

Apple sauce Fruity Cargo Cult Apple has decided that it needs to save money and to do that the best way is to knife its proprietary server virtualization software provider VMware.

Apple was using VMware ESXi to run its internal server infrastructure.  It was planning to renew its four-year-old licensing deal with VMware at a cost of around $20 million for the next two years.

However Apple suddenly realised that the proprietary model, which it uses on its own users, was costing it a bomb, when there were free versions of the same software out there.

Apple will be ditching the VMware ESXi software in favour of KVM, a free alternative that does largely the same thing. The kind of software is called a “hypervisor,” a way to essentially trick one server into thinking it’s multiple servers, allowing for a higher level of efficiency.

This is not the first time Apple has used free software. It uses the Apache Mesos tool to run Siri, the digital personal assistant that runs on the iPhone and iPad.

What is ironic about the whole thing is that Apple’s business model is one of the most closed source and depends on users not seeing the advantage of free software.

In the spirit of its new found love of Open Source, Apple is refusing to comment on the move.