Apple gives Google, Facebook a thorough kicking

Apple's CEO, Tim CookThe CEO of Apple has laid into Google and other companies like Facebook for data mining peoples’ personal information and selling it willy-nilly.

Cook, according to Techcrunch, was speaking at an event in Washington DC but speaking at a distance through a video connection.

Cook said he and Apple think it’s unacceptable for customers t continually make tradeoffs between privacy and security.

He said people have a fundamental right to privacy, particularly American people, because the US constitution demands it and it’s morally right too.

Cook said that companies that use advertising to make their money are selling out people who use their services.

Although he didn’t mention Google and Facebook, both these companies trade in this way.

Cook said such firms were “gobbling up” anything they learned about people and trying to make money from it.

Even though people think such services are free, Cook said the services come at a very high cost indeed, Techcrunch reported.