Apple gets into speakers

lucas-cranach-the-elder-eve-offering-the-apple-to-adam-in-the-garden-of-eden-c-1520-25-oil-on-wood-detail-of-407328As sales of its iPhones and iPads falter, Apple is apparently working on a set of speakers activated by a Siri device.

According to The Information, Apple feels it’s being pipped to the post by Amazon’s Echo device.

The report claims that Apple will open up a software developer kit for app developers to extend its range in the overall marketplace.

Apple is notoriously a closed company so it will force developers to sign up to a strict set of rules.

Apple faces competition not only from Amazon but from Google too and is playing a frantic game of catchup so that it won’t be outflanked by its two major rivals.

There’s no information on when such a device will be available for you to spend your hard earned cash. But it plans a number of other introductions this year including an iPhone and another Apple watch.