Apple finds more malware in its App store

bugAfter lecturing the world about how its autocratic controls protect users from malware, Apple has been forced to pull apps from its app store because of… er… malware.

Jobs’ Mob has admitted that it had removed “a few” applications from its App Store, expressing its concern that the security of some users’ personal data could be compromised in certain circumstances.

The company said the apps threatened users’ security by installing certificates that can expose data to monitoring by third parties. The company did not specify the precise number of apps at issue and its standard defence against any major issue is that “it only effects as small number of users” even when it is most of the user base.

“Apple is deeply committed to protecting customer privacy and security. We are working closely with these developers to quickly get their apps back on the App Store, while ensuring customer privacy and security is not at risk.”

Apps with so-called root certificates route user data to servers where it can be analyzed. That opens the door for network providers to view encrypted traffic, leaving users vulnerable to data breaches.

One of the apps removed was Been Choice, which has attracted attention for its ability to block advertising in apps.

An Apple spokeswoman said the company would release a support page to help users remove the apps in question from their devices.

For years Apple fanboys have mocked Android users because the Google Play store was “full of malware.” They claimed that Apple’s ruthless censorship of apps to suit the needs and desires of the right-wing Bible belt was protecting them from malware.