Apple damps orders for giant iPad

Apple iPad AirA report claimed that Apple is nervous about placing orders for components for a 12.9-inch iPad and is keeping its suppliers on hold in the Far East.

There have been rumours that Apple will release a big iPad this year but it’s done some market research and fears that unit sales will not be brilliant.

That’s according to Taiwanese wire Digitimes, which keeps its fingers on the pulse of the supply chain in Asia, orders are slow from Apple.

The report said that it will start shipping 12.9-inch iPads in November with production starting in late September.

Giant Taiwanese combo Focvonn will make the devices.

Apple has a problem that the appeal for tablets isn’t nearly as strong as it once was – and people don’t feel the need to upgrade every time a new unit comes out.

Market research organisations across the globe have reported that demand for the devices is slowing down and that’s partly because smartphone screen sizes are getting bigger all the time